The 10 Steps to Planning the Perfect Elephant Themed Baby Shower Article

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This is one of the best articles on the Elephant Themed Baby Shower. The Elephant Baby Shower Company is an expert in arranging such theme parties for baby showers. The Elephant Themed Baby Shower is suitable for boy kids and girl kids.

Theme parties need immense planning to make it successful. Especially so, with Elephant themes. The décor, invites, cut outs, cutlery, upholstery and other knick-knacks are all expected to be elephant themed.  It is one of the uncommon yet the cutest themes you can choose for a mother-to-be and her unborn child.

You need to follow these steps to make it a success

  1. The first step – Commitment

Be sure and certain to get every item for the shower according to the Elephant theme, be it the banners, invites, curtains, cushions. Nothing should be out of place.

  1. The second step – Planning

Every invite, thank you card and games designed for the shower should be based on the Elephant theme.

The 10 Steps to Planning the Perfect Elephant Themed Baby Shower Article


  • Thirdly, the Elephant Theme Décor

Hang elephant shaped signages and danglers all over the place. Place a large elephant shaped cut-outs at the entrance of the function hall. The curtains ought to be elephant themed as well.

You get entire decoration sets on the theme if you search popular shower websites.

The food Menu: Needs to be carefully planned as well. Gets elephant cupcakes, sandwiches shaped like an elephant’s trunk and lots of other finger food.

Themed drinks – Get elephant shaped bottle to hold tropical lemonades and other cocktails.

The Elephant themed cake is another necessity to make this baby shower a success. You could get fondant cakes with an elephant sitting atop or get a whole cake shaped like an elephant.

Colours add feeling to any theme. For boy-centric colours go for green and blues. For a girl-centric feel, go for pinks and purples.

Music will give life to your party. Elephant trumpets should accompany the music.

Thank you Gifts will complete the shower. They need to be elephant themed as well, to complete the theme.

The baby shower will be incomplete without Thank you note. Be sure to get them ordered a few days before.

Now, that I have told you the steps, please put it into action. I hope you like the 10 Steps to Planning the Perfect Elephant Themed Baby Shower Article.

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