Steps You Can Take To Resolve Roku Connectivity Issues

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If you are using a Roku device, you’ll notice that most of its streaming issues occur due to network connectivity issues. For seamless streaming, it is recommended to have broadband or internet connection, with at least 3 Mbps speed on the computer/device. In the case of wireless connection, make sure to eliminate any kind of obstacles in between the router and streaming device. Still, there might be some connectivity issues, which can be resolved using this article.

Follow these simple steps to resolve network issues

  • Provide correct name for wireless network

If the wireless network name is not entered correctly, it will lead to a connection failure between the device and Roku. Always note down these necessary details, in order to log in correctly and start streaming from the internet.


roku device

  • Enter proper password

In case the connection is failed, even after entering the password for wireless network connection, try it again. Keep in mind that network passwords should be accurate and exact, as these are case sensitive. If it is not working on the first attempt, try to re-enter it once more.

  • Check router is working properly

To establish a successful connection between and device internet, the router is very important. Make sure that it is working properly, by accessing this link from another device with internet. If the router is not working specifically on any device, it should be restart one more time before contacting ISP.

  • Enhance wireless signal strength

A weaker wireless signal means the Roku device is far from the router and facing many obstacles in between. To ensure good quality streaming, try to improve the signal strength of the wireless network.

If any connection has been previously made, between your ISP router and Roku device, it will reconnect automatically. However, if some connectivity issues are still there, check all these above steps to resolve it. Always remember, that a good internet connection is mandatory for streaming audio and video files, using on your device.

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