Why have health issues risen in current times

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Why have health issues risen in current times

Modern life has brought a lot of technology, innovations, inventions, automations, globalization and computerization of various facets of our lives. However, along with all this has come a host of health issues which have risen in modern times. These issues are :



  1. Computer Vision Syndrome : Which is caused by people staring at the computer screen all day. This results in redness of the eyes, dry eyes, double or blurred vision, headaches, difficulty in focusing and distinguishing as well as sensitivity to light.
  2. Hearing loss : Due to headphones especially the earbud kind, people spend more time on their portable players and they expose themselves to loud noises for an extended period of time.
  3. E-thrombosis is caused by people who lead sedentary lives and therefore they develop clots in their veins.
  4. General anxiety disorder is manifested in unrealistic concern or uneasiness. These symptoms also include fatigue, restlessness, impatience, irritability, upset stomachs, shortness of breath and difficulty in concentrating.
  5. OrthorexiaNervosa : People suffering from this are obsessed about eating food which is healthy. They as a result get thin and are underweight. They are critical of those who do not follow similar diets like themselves.
  6. Sick Building Syndrome : Due to the amount of air being recycled continuously by the HVAC systems, the occupants suffer from this syndrome. This consists of dry and itchy skin, throat irritation, dizziness, nausea and fatigue.
  7. Social anxiety disorder is caused by the fear that you are being continuously watched and judged. This can be manifested in various forms including an upset stomach, heart palpitations, confusion, trembling and more.
  8. Modern life has seen a spurt in heart disease, high blood pressure and similar conditions which are caused usually due to stress as well as obesity and smoking.
  9. Asthma is caused due to pollution in the air, smoking as well as stress too.
  10. Obesity is caused due to the amount of unhealthy food being consumed. Fast food is the new buzzword for food and this causes the fat to get deposited in the body and the abdomen in specific. Another reason for obesity is due to the increase in sugar and sugar content including sodas.
  11. Gastrointestinal problems, anxiety as well as depression are also the byproduct of stress and anxiety faced due to the pressures which the modern world puts on people.

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