Do you consider your current health while choosing your lifestyle

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Do you consider your current health while choosing your lifestyle

When you want to choose a lifestyle, if you do not consider your current health, you will be in for big trouble. A healthy lifestyle can in many cases prevent or atleast delay diabetes and a number of other conditions. Infact, a person should start making healthy choices earlier on in life. They need to control their portions as well as read labels on foods. They should include more whole grains in their diet, decrease their sugars and sugar content from added sugars. People should include more fish in the diet and decrease fatty meats. Chicken and turkey should be included while sodium reduced. Lean beef can be taken but less than 300mg a day. They should include lots of vegetables and fruits especially the deep colored ones and decrease hydrogenated or trans fats. Vegetable oils should be included while saturated fats should be cut out. Alcohol should be limited whereas dairy products and unsalted legumes, nuts and seeds should be added.



Physical activity needs to be done atleast 30 minutes daily. However, based on the present physical condition of the person, this activity needs to be regulated and changed. A prescreening needs to be done before exercise can be undertaken. The prescreening identifies medical conditions and there should be a safety net for these people created where the risks of exercising needs to be carefully considered when compared with the benefits.

The style of physical activity too needs to be ascertained. Some people prefer to exercise alone, while others only exercise if they have a training buddy. Yet others only exercise when they play group sports. Some people may prefer to change these styles as per the group, the mood and the person they are with. Or else they can allocate certain days for group while other days for individual exercise.



Based on the reason for the activities, there are different results which can be got. If one wants to lose weight, they should walk or run or cycle or even lift weights – as that helps in burning kilo joules.It is necessary however to modify the lifestyle based on the physical fitness levels and medical conditions. Some may need to modify their plan to only exercise indoors while others may need to keep their budget in mind or else some may need to consider the demands physically – which they may not be up to.

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